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The place is decked with Cranford rose garden, a vast spread of cherry blossoms and a lovely koi pond, all of which perfectly blends in to give it its romantic vibe.

Come here to feel the love in the air, which is quite palpable; and as you go on chatting the day away, exploring more about each other, you will realise that nothing would have been better than this summer date.

Even if you are going out for the first time, bringing her here for an adventurous endeavour will not disappoint.

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For the more adventurous folks, the millennials, who are looking for something different (and more exciting), it's time to step up your dating game!

Check out these unique date ideas in New York City which will surely give you an inkling of what else you can do to make your upcoming date a memorable one!

It is, in fact, one place where you can go up against each other in a playful war of wits, quibble on your favourite authors (or books you have read in a while), or dwell on subjects which both of you find interesting.

And apparently, if that's not enough for you, you can even write your heart out on the empty books given by the place (under The Sketchbook Project).

) Image Source: Wikimedia Commons A date cannot get more delicious than this!