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It keeps track if you click "like" on something, or tag photos from specific locations and uses this information for marketing purposes.

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Talks to animals; cats, dogs, conures, budgies, amazons, rats, spiders. Pyke Member: LFHCS, AAPT, ESA, SSE Yes, I do give talks on Electricity, k-6 misconceptions "The weirder you are going to behave, the more normal you should look.

Great fan of unusual phenomena & research, Castenada, Seth, utter self-honesty, awareness, excessive introspection, rapid spiritual growth. When I see a kid with three or four rings in his nose, I know there is absolutely nothing extraordinary about that person.

Once Facebook shows you a targeted ad, it should be safe to assume it's not a scam. As long as the ad isn't promoting an illegal venture, it can make it through the vetting process.

If you see a targeted ad promoting a get-rich-quick scheme, your best move is to just pass it by.

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