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Like my fun, my magnetism, my sensual energy was depleting.

Now I feel like I'm a mother, I'm a wife and I'm a lover - I'm a goddess!

Kenya said: 'For me, open relating and polyamory benefits my relationship in numerous ways.'Opening our marriage to polyamory has made our marriage stronger because we can actually tell the truth.'Carl agrees: 'We are very open and honest with each other.

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'When Carl and I have sex it's very healing, it's very energizing.

But when I have sex with a new partner it's like fireworks and craziness.

I think she picks really good guys.' Kenya turns up the heat at a salsa class with one of her boyfriends.

The mother-of-three said: 'I meet most of my guys on Tinder. My husband is older than me so I already have an older guy.

A business venture for the entreprising couple Carl and Kenya believe in the lifestyle so much that they have turned it into their livelihood - by launching a 'love academy' and becoming relationship coaches that teach people all over the world about polyamory.