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"The way they are and their reason for wanting the room." Is it possible to fully consent if you’re stuck for somewhere to stay?

"If a women chooses that and is consenting," says Joe, "I don't see anything wrong with it. I feel I'm on the right side of it." Mark, who wants a weekly "adult cuddle" is the only poster who agrees to meet me in person.

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He says, "I’d be fully open to it." Rick has had no responses to his ad.

I ask if he's considered signing up to a niche dating site and he says he has — it was a waste of time. "You can swipe until your finger drops off, you still won't meet anyone." I ask Rick if he's concerned that a woman might respond to his listing because she's in a difficult spot.

He says he heard from "prostitutes who wanted to work from the room, people with mental health issues, and people who were flaky." I wonder if Matthew thinks the women he hoped to help were wary, assuming he'd want sex in lieu of rent? Matthew seems genuine, but when I follow up the next day to ask why it was only women he wanted to help (surely young men face similar dangers? Rick is offering a room in zone 3, for up to two months, for £30 a week.

His listing says this is "in return for being extremely risque and provocative around me.

By the looks of things on this dodgy site, I'm one of the only normal, genuine guys on here." Another poster, offering a room for two weeks, claimed he wanted nothing in return: "Too good to be true? You decide." I decided to take him up on this, and responded to his ad, as well as several others.