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O got substituted of the pitch and taken up to the dressing rooms. If you get sexually aroused reading these stories, or have had similiar experiences that you still fantasize about, I'm an experience goodlooking dominant very...

Does anyone else remember those school medicals we used to have?

After finishing high school, I got a summer job that required a physical through the company's own medical department. i had an appointment a couple of days ago it was super painful(in my other story) so today i had a follow up and he brought me in to a room and asked me question and asked me how painful on a sale of 1-10 was the exam a couple of days ago i said definitely a 10! This team was very good and when I made the 1st team hockey my first year, the international centre forward was moved to the right wing so that I could play centre...

I was asked to ***** down to my underwear and lay on the examining table. So I joined the military about 7 years ago, and one of the last things before basic training, is going to meps.

There were alot of embarassing exams those few weeks. I'm a 14 year old boy and I play soccer in under 15's .