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Son Seekers: Bible study and open discussion led by members of the class. They meet in room 300 in the Education wing off of the fellowship hall.

This is a multi-aged growing class who seek to learn more about God and His amazing love. Starting Points: Informational class presented by Pastor Riley Richardson to help you learn what Myrtle Grove UMC is all about. Bart & Sherry Hulien is the point of contact for this class.

The children have their music time during Sunday School hours each Sunday morning and perform occasionally at the am service.

To find out how to get involved and what other opportunities are available, please contact the church office.

Annual children events include: Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas Party, End of School party, and Vacation Bible School.


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    It’s character building - and not in the public-school-run-nine -miles-cross-country-wearing-only-gym-knickers sort of way.

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