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” and other generic, or worse yet, explicit messages? She has a lot going for her in life and has the potential and drive to accomplish great things.

How would I portray that I was serious and genuine in my intentions? She enjoys an engaging conversation with someone of equal cognitive abilities, a bottle of fine wine, and live entertainment.

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Relationship Philosophy: For those of you hesitant at the marital status set to “not looking,” let this be clarification.

This girl is “not looking” for casual relationships, sexual encounters, or random dates with whoever appears to be interested (which seems to be common goals of individuals on dating sites).

“Single” implies that one is actively looking for a partner and may take the first eligible person.

This girl would like a permanent partner eventually, but such a long-term relationship only develops through time spent together, conversation, respect, and a basic principal of attraction that is either there or isn’t.

This girl has standards and takes a laid-back approach in believing that the right one will come along when he does, and she isn’t going to bring on undue stress and heartache by forcing superficial relationships with individuals who don’t quite meter her definition of quality.