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Again, there would be no abuses on which Supreme Pontiffs would have to spend time writing if the gesture were moved to a place in the Mass during which abuse upon the Eucharistic sacrament would not be an issue of concern.

In , the stated abuses of the peace gesture mirror some of the points made in the Congregation’s Circular Letter, released over ten years hence.

The trepidation of those who hold this opinion is valid, for the vast majority of Catholics at the will likely see the non-peace-gesturer as individualistic and uncouth, rather than theologically upright—this, simply because they have no knowledge of the liturgical difference of opinion on the rightful place of the gesture.

In the words of the Congregation’s instructional 2004 : “[A]buses are often based on ignorance, in that they involve a rejection of those elements whose deeper meaning is not understood and whose antiquity is not recognized.” Thankfully, the Roman Missal has allowed consecrating priests to omit the gesture of peace among the people.

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