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Rickenbacher Electro Model B Lap Steel Pre-war bakelite steel with two "arrow" knobs on opposing sides, the volume knob larger than the tone knob, and chrome plates. Leo Fender's "Fender Radio Service" repair shop, founded in 1938, repaired many amplifiers manufactured by Rickenbacher, while his partner, "Doc" Kauffman was employed by Rickenbacher when he invented the "Vib-Rola" vibrato, so Leo was certainly familiar with Rickenbacher's instruments.

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The hawker got a fee and the organization no doubt got a cut of the teacher’s pay.

A second crew would circle by to pick up the kids and transport them to the AHT for lessons.

1937 Recording King Roy Smeck #1128 Serial Number 342C2 Early model with volume control only, no tone control.

The "Recording King" line of guitars was produced by Gibson and a number of other makers to be sold by the Montgomery Ward Stores.

You could argue that these little electrics blazed the trail for the later popularity of electric Spanish guitars.