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The software will work on DCU II also but you will be limited to normal voltage limit (must edit BIOS for higher volts) Good luck!

Hello boys I apologize for my English use google translator wonder if by chance someone has a bios for msi gts 450 to put the card under ln2 has cbb cb at -60 to -55, and I read that you need a bios for ln2 is 10 days, but I search everywhere and can not find no. Unfortunately I dont have a coldslow bios, so it still stops at - -110 (then coldslow kicks in).

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if anyone knows what to change or has this bios or know who I have to ask me I would be grateful! But for the hardmod is the way to go, to get some extra oc headroom ;).

Legenda: Red= OCP mod Green = Pull to ground Pink & BLue = Cb/cbb By the way, this is for a MSI GTS 450 Cyclone 1GD5/OC there any coldslow issues on asus matrix 285?

grabed one last week and will bench it in one or two weeks The 3 we have tested had no cold slow issues.

check the Mad shrimps, GTX285 Matrix article out for the mods and Mad Matrix :) Good luck Hi Vega, It is a Dutch thread..

ROM - 9800 GX2 Reference coldbug BIOS: HD 4890 Reference coldscaling (fixpll) BIOS: GIGABYTE GTX 460 Super Overclock coldslow BIOS: MSI GTX 460 Hawk coldslow BIOS: ASUS GTX 465 Reference coldslow BIOS: ASUS GTX 470 Reference coldslow BIOS: ASUS GTX 480 Reference coldslow BIOS: GIGABYTE GTX 480 Reference coldslow BIOS: GIGABYTE GTX 480 SOC coldslow BIOS: : D -i0 = 9GXSLI -i1 = 9GX1 -i2 = 9GX2 Confirmed- the above is right :) Edit 2: Ok, I made a total bobbins of that and I deserve a very slow round of applause for being a noob : D I had no idea the BR-04 was involved.