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Note: As this article is a book excerpt, browser renderings of attributes and input types may have altered since the screenshots were taken.

Additionally, browser support may have increased since publication so please refer to the links at the end of the article for the current state of browser support.

A regex might be used to check a particular format for a product or ZIP code.

That isn’t to say they’re all “supported” right now, but they do cool things in modern browsers that do support them-and degrade gracefully in browsers that don’t understand them. In this instance we’re specifically referring to the principle of graceful degradation. It’s very similar to the search box you see in Safari (see Figure 1). We can hear you thinking, “What’s so great about that?

In essence, this means that there’s no excuse for not using these features right now. I’ve been doing it with Java Script for years.” Yes, that’s true.

However, we only recommend using it for pages whose sole purpose is the form (like Google) to prevent the usability issues.

It is a Boolean attribute (except if you are writing XHTML5; see the note) and is implemented as follows: attribute helps users complete forms based on earlier input. However, if you want to insist that a form field be entered each time a form is completed (as opposed to the browser autofilling the field), you would implement it like so: , it does exactly what you’d expect.

is something that we used Java Script for in the past.