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We doubt Rosie will be miffed at not receiving an invite to the spring nuptials.

In January, O’Donnell told Piers Morgan that she didn’t know if it “would feel right for either of us [for Carpenter to be at Rosie’s wedding] and the same when she and Anne get married.

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Carpenter first met Steele when the singer was performing on one of her company’s cruise ship tours 10 years ago and started dating her 21/2 years ago.

Neither woman has bought a dress yet, but the honeymoon is set for Mykonos, Greece.

“We’re going to have a picnic barbecue backyard wedding” in Rockland County, the co-founder of R Family Vacations tells [email protected], adding that the couple is “keeping it family-friendly and small.” That’s perfect, because Carpenter tells us her four children with O’Donnell “will participate in the ceremony.” PHOTOS: OTHER SAME SEX STAR COUPLES The entrepreneur has joint custody of her adopted children with her ex of five years – Parker, Chelsea and Blake – as well as their daughter Vivienne, whom Carpenter gave birth to after artificial insemination.

But Kelli says she has no plans for more kids: “We are so done!

“I’ve always felt the characters were larger than life and they belonged on the stage.” How his former teammates might feel is a different story.