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I saw a lot of influences in their set, from Blondie to the ’80s cartoon ; as well I recognized they do their own thing. Tacocat – photo by Simon Krane Tacocat – photo by Steve Campagna Pangea – photo by Steve Campagna Pangea – photo by Simon Krane Pangea was up next. She still has the voice when she chooses to use it, but there’s no stage persona.

They’re actually on tour with the Cobras, and I find that a strange choice. They were tight and energetic; their sound more than once recalling Violent Femmes, the Knack, and the Modern Lovers. Detroit Cobras are a cover band, and they’re charging $15 a head at the door. Of course she does have that ass still, but it remains rather still as the band continues to break character between every single number they play.

If your dating strippers, there something wrong with your environment.

That scenario was a personal low for me, especially for someone who has an MBA. I was badly out of shape and overweight, in an almost sex-less marriage, but resigned to it. I finally also learned about how low carb diet's work. Anyway, I think my metabolism straightened out enough to that my testosterone levels raised.

I decided to go back to following my dreams and that began by getting another sailboat, loading up my surfboards and saying ¨hasta la vista¨ to the regular world.