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Parties from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also send small numbers of lawmakers to Westminster.Full guide to UK political parties What happens if a party doesn't win a majority of seats?

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Although the UK is a monarchy, the powers of the reigning head of state have gradually dwindled since King Charles I was beheaded in 1649 following the English Civil War between Royalists and Parliamentarians.

Today, the monarch's role is largely ceremonial and mostly restricted to state functions and appearing on stamps and banknotes.

The leader of the party which wins the most seats is then asked by the Queen to form a government.

The leader of the second largest party in the Commons becomes the "Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition." MPs are elected by a plurality, rather than a majority, of votes.

One contained an undisturbed ship burial, including a wealth of Anglo-Saxon artefacts of outstanding art-historical and archaeological significance, most of which are now in the British Museum in London. Sutton Hoo is of primary importance to early medieval historians because it sheds light on a period of English history that is on the margin between myth, legend, and historical documentation.