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First, I am a feminist; I claim to do this for myself, not my long-term male partner, or anyone before him, or any societal expectation.

Second, the only times I ever got Brazilian waxes, removing almost all pubic hair, were during the year and a half in college when I was deliberately celibate and only my hands, my vibrator, and my full-length mirror saw my crotch. Yet here I am, month in and month out, dropping my pants for a stranger, letting her slide hot, green, organic wax along my vulva, around my labia, and across my lower abdomen with a thick, pale wooden popsicle stick just so I can feel “clean.” How can I subject a part of my body with such a complicated narrative to this hedonistic ritual and still call myself a feminist?

Historically, waxing services were resigned to beauty salons, where, for Grupenmager personally, the process was painful, expensive and arduous.

My friend, a middle-aged mother of several boys who asked that her name and identity be omitted, raved about the workshops, noting a portion when participants show their vulvas.

In an email, she told of the incredible vulva diversity amongst participants and wrote, “Removing the pubic hair exposes the inside of the vulva. So if you’re having casual sex and you’re in your twenties, putting on a condom and shaving your whole entire bush is very bad from a health perspective.” I spoke with Dr. “When I see patients, I often talk to them about hair removal,” said Buxbaum.

“I think there’s a perception that certain manifestations of patriarchy, like the need for women to remove body hair, wear makeup, etc., dissipates if there isn’t a man in the picture,” Hoffman wrote.

“But the truth is that these beliefs are so internalized that they’re there regardless.

(Many of the individuals interviewed in this story asked that only their first names be used, some asked that their names be changed, and others asked to be made entirely anonymous.) Among the dozen responses I received, my friend Ayo, 31, a New York City-based actress, responded, “It is amazing how often what happens between our legs and underneath our clothes gets debated. Twenty minutes into my first in-person interview, I stared blankly at my source, wondering why the fuck we were scrutinizing the topic.


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