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If you didn’t have any responsibilities for the next week, how would you spend that time? As an example, I would write the following items down for myself: Look at your list.Take the time to think about these things and write each item down on your piece of paper. It’s time to identify the areas that will best reflect who you are and remove the ones that aren’t likely to help you find any dates.I work on an application that uses statistics to catch people stealing supplies so it’s a very interesting job.

I believe that writing a profile from the heart is the best option as it will better show who you are.

However, I also know that this can be a difficult process.

I’m something of a Netflix addict and really enjoy getting comfortable in the evening and watching a movie or catching one of my favorite shows (like The Office or Modern Family! I’m also very involved at my church and really look forward to getting together with my friends for our small group every week.

I am a quiet person and much prefer intimate settings over a loud bar or club…unless I’m going to see something like a Counting Crows concerts (who I’ve seen far more times than is reasonable).

Also, you’ll notice I don’t come out and say “I’m a homebody”.