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Every little part of this drama is the best among korean dramas i ever watched. Thank you goong crew for made such a memorable event in my life.

I love the story so much and also the chemistry between the two main characters.

except for the long talk from the king and queen, but it will be payed of by chae-kyung's funny acts and shin lee-chae kyung's sweet moments. but still waiting for the next part and the goong reunion even if it seems veeerrryyyyyy impossible This is beyond a drama, this has a special place in my heart.

I can feel a special feeling whenever i watching them (infinite times lol). The ost's are so perfect, they are still my best tracklist til now, when other kdramas ost are just passed by in my tracklist then i deleted them lol.

Free-spirited Chae-gyeong resists the proposal, but reluctantly marries him to help her debt-ridden family.


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