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Since then, many hundreds of are due to changes over time within a species rather than them being from different species.

This view makes the fossils merely an interesting side branch of our family tree but does extend the time range for by almost half a million years Key specimens are the type specimen Malapa Hominin 1 (MH1), which is considered to be a juvenile and is represented by a partial cranium (UW 88-50), partial lower jaw (UW88-8) and postcranial elements including a right clavicle (UW 88-1); and Malapa Hominin 2 (MH2), a probable female adult represented by partial lower jaw (UW 88-54), isolated teeth from the lower jaw (UW 88-54) and some partial postcranial elements including most of the right arm, ankle and knee joints and bits of the pelvis and shoulder blade.

This species lived between 3.2 and 2 million years ago.

In 1924, a fossil was rescued from a limestone quarry at Taung in South Africa and sent to Australian, Raymond Dart who was a Professor of Anatomy in nearby Johannesburg.

It was also well known among anatomists that the skulls of juvenile apes were all much more ‘human-looking’ than those of adults.


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