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If it’s herpes 2, there are ways to deal, and we’ll review that in another blog later this week.Hi Everyone - First post - I'm dying for someone to talk to. I got tested for herpes about two months ago because the last two people I had been sexually active with told me that they had suffered a breakout, and tested positive for Type 1.These plant compounds are known to protect against the ravages of chronic diseases.

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The antioxidant lycopene, for example, comes from tomatoes, apricots, watermelon and grapefruit.

Lycopene also may prevent cancers of the breast,...

So here's what has been spinning around and around in my head the last several weeks. It seems like a pretty good number of people have Type 1 oral, and there is less stigma than genital (for better or for worse).

But if I have Type 1 oral, and I'm asymptomatic, and therefore have no indication as to what my cycle is, or when the virus is shedding, does that mean I can never kiss a girl again, ever, with disclosing to her first?? I understand the disclosure conversation in the context of a budding relationship, but in my experience, sharing a kiss comes a lot earlier on the relationship timeline than the point where most people are comfortable disclosing, right? I almost wish I did, because that would be a little easier to manage.

We had performed oral sex on each other several times, but never did anything more than that.


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