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Thereafter the dial was usually arched at the top, except for some Regency dials which were round.

Examples from the 17th and 18th centuries have a verge escapement 19th-century clocks have an anchor escapement.

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We undertake sympathetic conservation of all types of quality antique clocks from the 17th to the late 19th century, using the same traditional hand skills as the clockmakers who made them.

In particular, we have an international reputation for our restoration and conservation work on pre-pendulum antique lantern and chamber clocks from the early 17th century.

English clock doors were normally hung on the right.

By the early 18th century, the front mounting plate was no bigger than the chapter ring and the front door closely framed the dial.

Often rare and unusual pieces, they are presented not just for their originality but also for their stylish design.