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Michael's mother, Barbara (Barbara Barrie), comes to visit and unexpectedly brings her new lover, Ben Teitleman (Alan King). Everyone pesters Michael about the bris, giving him advice on what kind of mohel to get. " says Doyle, who writes for The Simpsons and is a former editor at New York and Spy. But after they brought him back, my son looked me in the eyes and said, 'Thank you, Daddy.' I don't know if that means anything." - Esquire, June 1999 Yes, Larry, it means you're a dickhead.

They all go to a science museum and have little conversations while walking through a model of a heart. Rabbi (gravely): It's a sign of a covenant, between our people and God. The Simpsons did treat circumcision negatively in an episode broadcast on December 7, 2003, then somewhat trivially in an episode broadcast in May 2005.

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Eric Foman (Topher Grace) is the love interest of Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon) who lives next door.

"Kiss of Death" Season 2, Episode 20, first broadcast March 30, 2000. It turns out that the local GP refused to circumcise any babies.

Principal Blackman tells Jerri that she must be "exceptionally unfit for motherhood." Since it is not conceivable that she circumcised the baby, either the show's makers have no idea how serious circumcision is (medically as well as ethically), or she does, and is making a joke so stupid it is ignored.

Parents from a Middle Eastern country bring their early-teenage daughter in to Rittenhouse Hospital to have her circumcised, saying "She'll be a social outcast", "She'll never find a husband", etc. The girl doesn't want it done, and the two doctors, Dr Dana Stowe (a Harvard-educated surgeon directing research studies, played by Janine Turner) and Dr Luisa Delgado (a major character, played by Rosa Blasi), do their best to talk the family out of it, saying how it's an outrage, mutilation, dangerous, etc.

The baby is given back to Jerri so that she may complete the assignment, but she tries to sell him on the black market.


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