Dating antique tools

The mitered mullions once found on the doors of Craftsman bookcases and china cabinets were replaced by simpler, lap-jointed mullions.

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The most recent designs lacked the characteristic massiveness of the early furniture, and the timber used in their construction was generally thinner than the stock used before.

Stickley's wood finishes retained their beautiful, subtle luster and durability but, like his furniture, they were increasingly standardized.

Overall, these designs possess an integral wholeness, plain, modest, yes, but also coherent and sturdy.

These new designs are tangible proof of a matured confidence, a confidence that results in simple, functional furniture that -- from his beginning in the industry -- Stickley aspires toward.

In March 1905, the month after the release of "Catalogue D," The Craftsman magazine begins the "Home Training in Cabinet Work" series.


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