Dating and kicking

I no longer had his number, but still knew his name to look him up on Facebook. At the time, I was still a flight attendant and was on the go constantly. Around the same time he didn't answer my last text.

Most guys don't understand that type of lifestyle, so it was refreshing to have someone who at least tried to. Finding out now that Greg did not ghost me like I had thought really made me think about how life can change in an instant.

Honestly, I don't know what could have happened to Greg and me — friendship, actually dating, or never talking again.

At one point, I saw Greg was no longer looking at my Snapchats. I thought at least we could talk about how things were over. I had started seeing another guy and had deleted the dating apps.

I sent him a text about a car I saw that was painted like the Mystery Machine (we both liked Scooby Doo). It wasn't until recently, which is now two years since the last text, that I thought of Greg. Like most millennials, I met Greg by swiping right on a dating app.

We have a goal to reach 2,000 signatures, to present to Texas Legislators to bring awareness to online dating safety.

To engage in a romantic relationship with a person who is much better looking, and/or smarter, and/or in a higher socioeconomic class than you.

I guess I should thank Greg for being the last guy to show me that.