Dating a man with an ex wife and kids senior boy and freshman girl dating

dating a man with an ex wife and kids-23

She is getting at least half of that, if not more so.

Your reply of getting to know him has covered what I was thinking, especially with not being a father in his previous household.

He's told me that he could spend the rest of his life with me, but never marry again. However, if I met someone else in a better situation... I have desired to be in the company of my ex wife and my 4 year old son, I dont think its that strange.

I've never brought up the conversation nor mentioned that I wanted to marry him. Yet, he sends me mixed signals about how he's going to have to talk to his children about us, taking me around his family, etc. I'm well over my ex wife and we have a reasonable friendship now.

The ex-wife showed up at a game watching party at his house with the kids. I, too, have had the concerns of them remarrying due to the amicable friendship.


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