Dating a man in a relationship

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In an effort to get attention, they may exaggerate an injury or give a long-winded story about some plight that they feel was undeserved.

If you fail to give them the sympathy or attention that they crave, then they will turn on you.

And in a world where so many of us struggle to define and accept what our masculinity truly means to us, he blindly ties his masculinity to a dollar figure, material possessions, and/or a job title. This same man who refrained from building serious relationships with women when he was broke, now finds himself in casual “situationships” with women who are interested in building a serious relationship with him now—but not solely due to the fact—that he’s more successful.

But he turns them away because he has yet to achieve his requisite level of success—the same success he’s partially motivated to achieve because it would make him feel personally secure enough in his own value as a man to pursue a serious relationship.

This is why you always want to avoid the whiny types who constantly have some issue to cry about.