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The survey revealed an alarming direct link between dating violence and damaging, self-destructive behaviors.

The 1999 statistics showed that girls who had been sexually abused by dates were more likely to: have unprotected sex, attempt suicide, become pregnant, abuse drugs and nicotine, have multiple sex partners, binge drink, and use laxatives or vomit to diet.

3) Teens don’t compartmentalize violence in the way that adults seem to.

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It is very important that you have these tough conversations earlier than later since violent dating can begin as early as 6 grade.

Relationship violence comes in many forms that may not always be visible to the eye.

5) It is important to offer concrete negatives – dating violence IS a crime. 6) We have found that in talking with our friends who are in dating violence situations a good way to get them to open up is to use probes like: What is it about you that he/she likes?

This then allows a friend to remind the survivor that they have strengths and value.

She interviewed young women and found that they had experienced encounters that fit the legal definitions of rape, harassment, and/or battering, and yet only a minority of them described their experience as “victimization.” This is particularly problematic because researchers and practitioners have noted that girls are increasingly subjected to all different forms of violence: rape, battering, sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, homelessness, prostitution, just to name a few.