Contrast online dating traditional dating

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In contrast, online dating relationships process self-disclosure and discovery of similarities first, and then in their first meeting in real world, they have judgment of physical attractiveness.

Some people also concern about the online relationships might be ended when the daters shut down the computer, but it's not true.

In previous studies, men and women have different criteria for choice of mates (Buss, 1987). Men are more like to rate women's physical attraction as the important point to find mate, compare to women, who consider men's financial status to be more important than men's physical appearance (Buss, 1994).

That's mean women emphasize the interpersonal dimension of romance, and men stress the physical aspects of attraction, because men and women differ physically and psychologically, and they have different roles in traditional society, that's why there are differences in their perceptions of what is attractive.

And then through the description of online dating, finding out one of the important point of interpersonal attraction on the Internet: the roles of name in online dating. In other research find that there were some people meeting partner though personal advertisements, and also, someone meet partner through friends (Ellison, Heino, & Gibbs, 2006).