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(20) Develop plans and procedures for the Department of Defense utilization of noindustrial facilities in the event of an emergency in order to reduce requirements for new construction and to provide facilities in a minimum period of time.

(21) Advise and assist the Office of Emergency Preparedness in (1) determining what key foreign facilities and operating rights thereto are important to the security of the United States, and (2) obtaining through appropriate channels protection against sabotage.

Back to the Table of Contents Part 3 Department of the Treasury SECTION 301 Functions.

The Secretary of State shall develop policies, plans, and procedures for carrying out his responsibilities in the conduct of the foreign relations of the United States under conditions of national emergency, including, but not limited to (1) the formulation and implementation, in consultation with the Department of Defense and other appropriate agencies, and the negotiation of contingency and post-emergency plans with our allies and of the intergovernmental agreements and arrangements required by such plans; (2) formulation, negotiation, and execution of policy affecting the relationships of the United States with neutral States; (3) formulation and execution of political strategy toward hostile or enemy States, including the definition of war objectives and the political means for achieving those objectives; (4) maintenance of diplomatic and consular representation abroad; (5) reporting and advising on conditions overseas which bear upon the national emergency; (6) carrying out or proposing economic measures with respect to other nations, including coordination with the export control functions of the Secretary of Commerce; (7) mutual assistance activities such as ascertaining requirements of the civilian economies of other nations, making recommendations to domestic resource agencies for meeting such requirements, and determining the availability of and making arrangements for obtaining foreign resources required by the United States; (8) providing foreign assistance, including continuous supervision and general direction of authorized economic and military assistance programs, and determination of the value thereof; (9) protection or evacuation of American citizens and nationals abroad and safeguarding their property; (10) protection and/or control of international organization and foreign diplomatic, consular,and other official personnel and property, or other assets, inthe United States; (11) documentary control of persons seeking to enter or leave the United States; and (12) regulation and control of exports of items on the munitions list.

10952, the Secretary of Defense shall perform the following emergency preparedness functions: (1) Provide specific strategic guidance as required for emergency preparedness planning and programming, including, for example, guidance regarding such factors as accessibility of foreign sources of supply and estimated shipping loss discounts and aircraft losses in the event of war. time-phased military requirements for selected end-items, consistent with defined military concepts, and supporting requirements for materials, components, production facilities, production equipment, petroleum, natural gas, solid fuels, electric power, food, transportation, and other services needed to carry out specified Department of Defense current and mobilization procurement, construction, research and development, and production programs.


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