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Dominicans have migrated from rural areas to the cities.The capital, Santo Domingo, has over 2.14 million people, while the population of other large cities, including Santiago de los Caballeros, La Romana, and San Pedro de Macorís, ranges from 124,000 to 364,000.

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The weather is mostly tropical, especially along the southern and eastern coasts.

The time and magnitude of the rainy season varies in different parts of the country, but generally occurs in late spring and early fall.

Much of the region is a desert and it includes Lake Enriquillo, the island's largest lake.

Lake Enriquillo is a saltwater lake that lies 150 feet (46 meters) below sea level and is inhabited by unique fauna, including crocodiles, huge iguanas, and flamingos.

In addition, they retain close ties with the United States, which occupied the island in the early twentieth century.