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Each has its pros and cons, and none is right for everyone.Before beginning any of these methods, we should begin in prayer, asking God whether it is the step He wants us to take.It is wise to plan a double date, so that a close friend can offer his or her opinion on this (let’s face it) complete stranger.

Some singles don’t bother to look for a spouse, believing God will bring the person to them, while others are forever on a search for one, fearing they may miss him or her.

There should be a balance, as we remember that God is perfectly loving (Ephesians ; 1 John -18) and perfectly sovereign over every situation, desire, and need (Psalm 1; Romans -39).

Is it possible we are being too picky, looking for the fairy-tale prince or princess, and by doing so, limiting the possibilities of what God may know is best for us and which we have not yet considered?

Are we not being picky enough, forgetting that God calls all Christians to marry only other Christians (2 Corinthians ), or are we considering someone who is stuck in a serious, life-altering sin that could endanger the marriage?

It is also wise to meet the person face-to-face before becoming too emotionally intimate via email communication.


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    Are you 50 plus, over 60 or retired and looking to meet new senior single Christian friends?

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    Then you get desperate men thinking they''re in a relationship with you after one or two chats.