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The movement has changed the rules that govern the way teenage girls interact with their male counterparts.

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But despite the expanded capacity for communication, theirs may be the first movement in which debate about its goals is noticeably absent.

The hippies and their successors stood firmly in opposition to the status quo, but there is only one dimension of the Pokemones that seems to advance an agenda, if unintentionally.

When the party is over, no contact information is exchanged.

Same-gender interactions are commonplace, as the lines between hetero- and homosexuality are blurred, partly by the alcohol and drugs consumed, but also by shifting social mores held by Chilean youth, in contrast to their conservative parents.

Their look is androgynous and exaggerated: clad in low-slung, tight-fitting jeans, both boys and girls wear multiple piercings, dyed and waxed hair, and thick black eyeliner.


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