Chae sex

Chaé was very candid about the desire to have children and the costs associated with surgeries, freezing eggs, and Reciprocal IVF.

When considering the costly commitment that Chaé would be making should the decision to transition be chosen, I wondered if Chaé had any qualms with a Higher Power about the body and gender that was given to Chaé at birth.

Chae sex-18Chae sex-24

Chaé also stated that there has been a fluctuation in what androgyny looks like, explaining that what used to look like balancing different energies is now more focused on marrying those two energies.

Before diving too deeply into the terms and phrase, I asked Chaé to talk about the “coming out” experience, specifically with regards to gender identity.

Chaé was emphatic when saying that there is a hatred and disgust that exist when discussing body shapes, specifically the current one that Chaé’s soul is inhabiting.

The concerning aspects of transitioning for Chaé are less about physique and more about dysphoria and having children.

Chaé described the decision to make these posts as something that was done “because [Chaé] wanted to.” Chaé went on to say that there was a certain “calling” that led to the video post, simply saying, “I felt called to do the video post, just as I felt called to do this interview.” Chaé discussed feeling that there was a message that needed to be conveyed, explaining further that Chaé was able to convey this particular message because it was more important to raise awareness than it was to be care about the reactions of others or remain attached to being supported in this decision.