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Thinking along the lines of Ten Play, Plus7, SBSOn Demand, etc.

Also, does it seem to cover a wide variety of video formats? Do you know the model of the Soniq TV that you have?

If you "Connect your TV to the internet" as the Home screen tells you to, the screen is filled with ads! Download the file (or whatever it is called) and copy on to a USB stick.

Makes more sense now how Soniq is able to be so cheap. Insert the USB stick into the TV and go to "All Apps" and open "File Manager" and navigate your way to the USB stick and click on the file.

– Start delay(s) – 0 – Next app delay – 3 (not used) – deselect Show notifications at boot-up – deselect Goto Home screen after autostart Exit Turn off the TV and turn it back on again.


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