Brocade stock backdating

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Many of these subprime lenders have relied on a continuous increase in real estate values to allow the borrowers to refinance or sell their properties before going into default.

However, based on the sales slowdown in the housing market, loan defaults have increased, and the secondary market for sub prime loans has dwindled.

Areas investigated in the financial institution fraud arena include: financial institution failures, insider fraud, check fraud, counterfeit negotiable instruments, check kiting, loan fraud, and mortgage fraud.

The ECU - II mission as it relates to Asset Forfeiture/Money Laundering is to promote the strategic use of asset forfeiture and to ensure that field offices employ the money laundering violation in all investigations, where appropriate, to assist in the disruption and/or dismantlement of criminal enterprises.

Investigations have determined that many of these bankrupt subprime lenders manipulated their reported loan portfolio risks and used various accounting schemes to inflate their financial reports. Stock options are corporate incentives that allow the holder to purchase stock at a fixed "strike" price sometime in the future, regardless of the prevailing market price.