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In this case, there was just a bottle on a shelf with a price on it.

Knowing that the Old Quaker brand was around both pre- and post-Prohibition means that at best I have something quite old and at worst I have something a little older than me.

Controlling the neck opening and capacity tolerances of the pottery bottles demanded by Shulton's machine operations was virtually impossible, and was fast approaching a profitless operation for Hull.

The large percentage of leakers, the porosity of the pottery and the inaccurate filling of the containers made handling and costs of the pottery containers prohibitive on a large-volume basis. The "pottery-glass" containers are similar to opal glass, but are manufactured in a clay color with a luster very close to pottery.

But for now, I love discovering the stories behind these bottles or memorabilia. Picked up at an antique mall in Southern Minnesota.