Best self description dating why dating is good

Don’t feel like you have to tell an actual joke, but try sharing something silly or a little weird about yourself.

As a writer at the popular online dating site zoosk, i’ve read countless online dating profiles examples for women and men.

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Behold the laundry list of qualities: “I’m funny” “I’m down to earth” “I’m career oriented” (assuming that is a good thing… I hate to say it but just about everyone seems to think they are. Do you want to take over the world with missiles or in a kumbaya linking hands type of way. FUTURE PLANS: You are planning to get in shape or quit smoking.

Rather than saying you ARE something (she won’t believe you anyway because everyone says that) SHOW IT DON’T SAY IT! I can’t tell you how many dry boring profiles I’ve sifted through where the guy describes himself as funny.

Again, this advice is to attract serious and quality ladies…. Now I have read a lot of profiles and I have rolled my eyes so many times when I come across the same meaningless claims, cliches, and carbon copy comments that I think my eyes are permanently off centred now.

Feel free to post a piece of yours in the comments section and I can help you too. We’re intense and deeply-committed to everything we do.

Okay, so I gave you a little advice on how to grab a ladies attention at ‘hello’ in my previous blog. At the end I’ve posted a great example of a real profile I took from a dating site.