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That way we are not searching the whole forum for information. I assume that was probably the gas blasts that he heard. I'll post back if he emails me any more info this hopefully it was just gas. He did say something about a show on saturday, guys walking tight ropes & bending metal?? Has anyone gotten any emails from the Med in beaumont fci, please let me know I'm real worried.

So if you have any new information about lockdowns, if you could please post it here. Lokki provided us with a link to a site that posts different information about lockdowns. He said he'd they'd never done like that in past there....maybe everyone got too excited My husband is in Med, and the last email I recieved from him was Sun morning at pm, ever since I haven't heard from him. I'ts been since Sunday the 5th and still no emails or calls from my husband, does anybody else have a loved one in the Med, and if so have ya'll been in contact with them, if so please ask whats going on, or if they are in lockdown, this is just not like him......worried The website for the Council Of Prison Locals 33 is probably the website that she was referring to. lemme see if i can be sneaky with the link to the site It's...

fun loving and brilliant.” His family questions the sheriff’s office commitment to finding Alfred when they abruptly halted the search after only four days, saying they’ve exhausted their resources, Alfred would be listed as a missing person and there was no indication of foul play.

They even said this case was likely drug related and Alfred ripped off his clothes after having hallucinations.

If I get another update I'll let ya'll know but for now looks like no calls or emails for a while My guy is in the Medium also and he said it was hundreds of guys all out on the yard and I think it kicked off in the rec room too. He also said he thinks they will be down through the holidays... He is supposed to fill me in more in another letter.