conversation starters teenagers dating - Autocad xref layer color not updating

New: Option to start with minor or major ticks in "Slope and Road Signs" and "Transverse line between 3D polylines" Fixed: Fixed minor bug in "Slope arrows on 3D polylines" Fixed: Removed swep lines for Tow bars in the "Vehicle turning" New: Cross-Section, calculated areas are stored in a table that can be pasted into Excel.

New: Last used settings in Create Cross-Section and Create Surface profile are now saved when closed.

(2011-09-05 Build 653) Fixed: Issue with saving edited triangles, Cad Tools always claimed: "Couln't find any Cad Tools triangles to save (no matching X-data)".

Changed: "Tranverse 3D lines between 3D Polylines" has been changed.

New: Surface volume report now ask user if a simple report is prefered (only volumes, no triangle data) Fix: Typing in a layer name with a ending space made Cad Tools halt while creating the layer. Fixed: Some commands in Cad Tools where designed to remain active until user hits ESC.


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