Asian guy interracial dating best suited to the carbon 14 dating technique

Just because one race of men is the most desirable doesn't mean others can't be.

I have been married to a Sri Lankan-American immigrant for 20 years.

Even though white women were the second least popular group, behind black women, they responded very rarely.

White men on the other hand, were the most popular male group but also only responded 20% of the time. Are lots of white men and women still living in their bubble that all other races are dying to “date white? The majority of people who want to date someone from another race explained, they are interested in new or different experiences and over 69% of people who have dated interracially, had a good experience and even more than 77% would recommend an interracial relationship to their friends!

Even if White women deny this, it's still true and obvious from their ACTIONS and selection of mates.


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