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Once you take care of this, the settlers should respawn and return them to their original control settings so that you can officially take over.When you restore power to Nuka World and get on the Nuka-Galaxy ride, you might get stuck in the cart. If this happens, you’ll need to reload from a previous save.

Some PC Fallout 4 users are saying that they’re unable to use their mouse once the main menu pops up.

There is no apparent way to click to enter the game and the keyboard won’t do anything to help get past the menu screen. If you don’t want to have to unplug your controller every time you fire up Fallout 4, you can make some changes.

We expect complaints about it, and the various Fallout 4 DLC add-ons, to pick up as more users download and install them on their system of choice.

While we wait for Bethesda to cook up another update, and it could be weeks before we see the next patch, we want to try and help you fix the problem(s) plaguing your game.

Let’s start with some quick fixes for Bethesda’s DLC add-ons.