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It baffles me that they're considered okay, but spend the same amount of money that is waged on betting every week on the pokies and people lose their mind over it. There's a new commercial showing for Triumph Magic Wire bra and I think it's brilliant!

However, when I was searching for info about the ad, and to find where to watch the extended version, I read articles that called the ad "inappropriate and offensive". What annoys me the most about all the betting ads is all the gimmicks they use to sucker people in (gimmicks that should be illegal IMO and in some states already are).

Same with any company that specifically promotes their product as being "the cheapest" (I dont want the cheapest, I want the best value, there is a BIG difference) On the other hand, I found some old ads for Yellow Cabs here in Brisbane on You Tube that are very good ads.https:// The new Youi ad is driving me to insanity, just like all the Youi ads before it. They may be getting people to talk about the ads (good in advertising speak) but how will this convert to ownership?

The one with the "I like the way you move me.." jingle in it. Who would want to be associated as a Mitzy (moron) owner? Mitsubishi Australia probably wanted an ad campaign to rival the catchiness of the 'You bought a Jeep' series, but I think they would get a better traction if they promoted the fact that they actually made the WWII Zero aircraft for the Japanese than this atrocious and annoying campaign.

The fact that it's played at least once every 15 minutes, on every major station, makes it hard to kill the horrid earworm that this ad creates in my brain. New advertisements to add to my List that I hate Darrel Lee ad ( I hear this every dam commercial break, FFS it's annoying and I don't get how saying "Darrel Lee" will make everyone love your ad) Any of those RPG commercials (Forge of Empires being one of them) I just don't see how Television would be a advertisement platform for them.


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