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Well this is exactly my biggest passion which turns me on the most to see females 'struggle' in this highheeled standing situation.

The fun thing about it for a sadist like me is that the discomfort usually builds up in time so the longer the standing continues the more difficult it gets for the woman and the more fun and intense it gets to watch for a sadist like me :-).

If you would like to take on this challenge and you click 'you can do it' please send me a private message as well with pictures of the heels(front, side and back) that need to be approved for the challenge. It will involve her overeating to the point that she is groaning and complaining from the stomach ache, then rubbing her stomach and loudly complaining about how it hurts.

45min to an hour in length, 150 credits the cost of the food.

If you don't can you go to a local thrift store and take pictures of the options for me to pick from?


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