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Note that the results from this sample cannot be generalized to the total population of ELL students.

A student identified on the Administration Schedule as having a disability (SD), that is, a student with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or equivalent classification, should be included in the NAEP assessment unless: The goal of all these activities was to ensure that NAEP samples would be as representative as possible, and that high percentages of sampled students would and could participate.

Provision of accommodations was indeed found to result in higher levels of inclusion, with little effect on scale scores at the national level, but somewhat greater impact on average scores in some states.

In 1998, accommodations were allowed for all students in subjects in which new trend lines were being introduced (writing and civics).

In reading, the split-sample design was continued (and expanded to the state NAEP samples) to allow comparability to the past and to ensure that a new trend line was started.

This resulted in exclusion of some students who could not meaningfully participate in the assessment without accommodations.


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