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This flexible connection gives users more freedom in their hand movement, allowing the trajectory to more closely mimic that of real world rowing.As the hands move through the stroke and return, they shift in height, much like when using real oars.For example, we feature a higher end one from Bodycraft on our Best Rowing Machines list which combines magnetic and air, but there are plenty of good options.

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According to social identity theory, people strive to maintain a positive social identity by either joining groups where they feel more comfortable or making a more positive experience of belonging to the groups they already belong to.

Since speech is a way to express group membership, people adopt convergence or divergence in communication to "signal a salient group distinctiveness, so as to reinforce a social identity".

However, when this same behavior was attributed to pressures in the situation forcing the other to converge, positive feelings were not so strongly evoked." Intergroup distinctiveness The process of intergroup distinctiveness, as theorized by Tajfel argues, "...

when members of different groups are in contact, they compare themselves on dimensions that are important to them, such as personal attributes, abilities, material possessions and so forth." Because speech style and language is an important factor in defining social groups, divergence in speech style or language is often used to maintain intergroup distinctiveness and differentiate from the out-group, especially when group membership is a salient issue or the individual's identity and group membership is being threatened.

Magnetic rowing machines do cost more than hydraulic models, but you’re getting more of a workout for your dollar since the lower body is fully engaged.