5 steps to dating

Dating is similar, in that when you’re unhappy with who you are, and conduct entire relationships that are devoid of emotional content.

We all make better decisions about who to love when we aren’t starved for affection.

~ John Jantsch, Author of Duct Tape Marketing An evening meeting with a professional colleague (let’s call her Susan) turned a little punchy last week. We are two women and that’s where our stream of consciousness took us! We naturally circled back to where we started with our marketing strategy discussion only this time we focused on her “marketing strategy” as it applied to her “business” of finding a date/relationship. In fact, Susan rolled her eyes as she told me about a date from the previous Friday night where the guy had been trying so hard to tell her on what a great catch he was that she left feeling his desperation. Building on point #2, this is not a “desperate” sell, but rather a “leave your date wanting more” opportunity. Specifically identify your key buyer target description and ask yourself whether your promotion strategy is reaching the right market.

Here are five steps to help you date like a Super Woman—mere mortals, please shield your eyes.

If you shop for food when you’re stomach is rumbling, everything in the supermarket looks good.

Okay, maybe that part about the magic bracelets only really exists in the comics.

But just because you don’t have super powers doesn’t mean you can’t date like a hero.

It’s important to live and love with as little fear as possible. You can’t predict the future and you can’t change the past.


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    Prior to making a play for a colleague, work out the following - however hard it is to be coldly rational under the circumstances: 1. Being positive: Surely the best move if you fancy a colleague is to ask them out on a good, old-fashioned date.

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    “It works now because you don’t have that fear – you know things could go wrong.