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If for example a religious divorce is still required, the decree absolute can be postponed indefinitely by the court so that the parties are not simultaneously married in one sense and divorced in the other.As regards finances, in most instances having a decree absolute does delay the divorce. In fact, a financial settlement once ordered cannot legally be implemented without a decree absolute.A Respondent to the divorce is not treated the same as the Petitioner.

Sometimes more than a year has passed since the decree nisi.

In that case, the process is slightly different and it is necessary to explain to the court why such a length of time has elapsed and in particular whether the parties have resumed cohabitation or there has been a child born.

Steve can do this by issuing an application to the court, which will hear the application and make the decision.

It is not automatically granted by simply lodging a straightforward notice to the court, as it would be if the Petitioner is applying.

A Respondent should also note that if remarriage occurs without having issued a financial application in the divorce proceedings, his or her entitlement to a financial settlement may have gone.